A brief introductory Q & A

Photo courtesy of Luis Tsukayama Cisneros

Photo courtesy of Luis Tsukayama Cisneros


Giana De Young


An online portfolio of my personal style, eardrum breaking creative voice and a few fashion related things I've done that I'm proud of. I hope it also serves as a place for inspiration. 


Yes, for those interested in also attaining personal style nirvana and not giving a damn about outside opinion.

What's the secret?

Attitude. The only thing that stops complete self-expression is allowing your self-worth to be decided by others. When the   self-conscious vultures of society sense you aren't looking for their approval, they won't try to rip you apart. 

"Every day is a fashion show" is pretty self-explanatory, but care to elaborate anyway? 

The site name derives from constantly being asked over the years where I was going because of my personal style. I eventually started responding with "every day is a fashion show!" and it stuck. The thing I love about fashion is that style options are limitless and each day presents a new canvas. "365 Style", as I like to call it, is wearing a fringe veil one day and octopus tentacles the next. 

"Octopus Ombre"

"Octopus Ombre"

What inspires your style?


Your work? 

Cindy Sherman was the first artist to have a large impact on my life. The concept of being a one-woman band and applying several crafts for a single project, e.g. self-portraits, is exhilarating. When I was a kid I loved making clay sculptures, I suppose making fashion accessories and manipulating clothing evolved from that. I'm most interested in creating fashion that's aesthetically interesting, educational or has a statement behind it.                  

Why don’t you use social media platforms like Instagram to showcase your style?

The only “like” I’m concerned about is my own. Outside of its basic features and a few apps related to music, my smartphone is predominately used to reapply lipstick.

Any last words? 

Talk is cheap, it's time to go create something.